Computing Account Management

How to Get an Account explains how to obtain an EE computing account.

Never share your password with anyone else. Ever. Even if they ask for it. The only people who will ask for your password are scammers or spammers.

Manage your EE account
If you have an EE account, use this link to update your password, change your Unix login shell, or set a different external e-mail address forward.

Create a new account
Are you a new EE student? EE majors can use this form to quickly create a new EE computing account.

Reset your EE password
To have your EE password reset, please visit the computing staff in the EE building (rooms 307E, 307F, 307G) between 9-12am or 1-5pm on weekdays. You will need to bring your Husky Card.

Building and room access via the Husky card is a different system; please see the EE main office staff if you have problems accessing a lab.

Account Management for Computer Staff Members

Account Management
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